4 Easy Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Next Mobile App

Artificial intelligence (AI), or the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans, is shaking up the way companies connect to potential consumers. Millions of smart phone users utilise artificial intelligence whether they know it or not. Some commonly used AI applications include predictive text, route suggestions, and voice assistants. According to Adobe, today 15% of enterprises use artificial intelligence, but 31% are expected to add it throughout 2019. Here are four exciting ways you can include AI applications in your next mobile app!

1. Delivering personalised content

Artificial intelligence has a leg up on humans when it comes to observing consumer patterns. AI creates an algorithm based upon a user’s behaviour which helps it determine preferences best for each user. Entertainment streaming giant, Netflix, has utilised AI effectively to provide their viewers with recommendations that are compatible with programs they tend to watch. The user personalisation incorporating AI achieves is extremely helpful in boosting customer experience, engagement, and most importantly, user retention.

2. Internet of Things

AI-based smart home applications are transforming the way we perform household tasks. Smart home gadgets utilising IoT and AI technology can perform such tasks as adjusting the brightness in the lighting according to the time of day, monitoring the room temperature based on residents’ behaviour, and using smart sensors in smart cameras to identify the difference between residents and burglars. IoT enabled home automation appliances can not only provide peace of mind to residents, but can also improve the energy efficiency of households.

3. Voice-Powered Technology

Voice search is also a wildly popular AI application with an estimated one billion voice searches per month. From Amazon Alexa to Apple Siri to Google Assistant to Microsoft Cortana, companies are jumping to integrate AI voice-powered technology into consumer’s homes. Also known as ‘virtual assistants’, these devices allow users to access online features with just a verbal command. For example, users can pull up a recipe or order takeout in just seconds. Users love the efficiency and speed that comes with these AI voice-powered home devices.

4. Automated Reasoning

AI also has the power to utilise automated reasoning to surpass humans in problem-solving on the foundation of multiple algorithms. Automated reasoning has proved especially useful in the fields of stock trading, chess, and navigation. For example, Uber uses AI-enabled automated reasoning to discover the best route based on a number of factors including traffic conditions and route length. Uber even has an Uber AI Lab where they pursue research to find innovative ways to improve upon the safety and efficiency of its company.

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